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Themed Packages

This package is for those who need help with picking out a theme for their event. Each theme listed below does have its own preselected color palette to make things so much easier for you! 


(Delivery not included in pricing)


*Please note that each package price is all-inclusive; eliminating items won't change the price.


Safari/Jungle-Green,Brown, Tan (Pink)

90s Theme- Neon Colors

Winter Wonderland- Blue/Pink, White

Las Vegas-Red, Black, White

Breakfast at Tiffany's- Aqua,Black,White

Unicorn- Pastel Colors

Masquerade-Red, Black White


Dinosaur- Green, Brown,Tan

Enchanted Fairy- Pink, Purple,White

Princess- Pink/Blue & White 

50s Diner- Black,Pink,Aqua,Red,White

Teddy Bear- Brown,Tan, Pink or Blue

Winnie The Pooh- Tan, Seafoam, Cream 

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