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Elevate your event by adding a beautiful focal point backdrop to take pictures in front with your guest


(Delivery not included in pricing)


*Please note that each package price is all-inclusive; eliminating items won't change the price.

Starting at
$100.00  *Balloons & Floral Not Included*

Circle Arches
Starting at
$200.00  *Cover & Florals Not Included*

Free Standing Wall
Starting at
$200.00  *This required no stands for installs*

Grass Wall
Starting at
$150.00 *Balloons & Florals Not Included*

Wooden Wall
Starting at
$175.00/$250.00  *Floral & Balloons Not Included*

Shimmer Wall
Starting at
$300.00  * Balloons & Florals not included*

Floral Walls & Arches
*Inquire on Pricing*

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